Android 开发技术周报 Issue#282

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#282

June 01, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 谷歌推迟Android 11 Beta发布

  2. Android Studio 4.0发布 为Android 11做好准备

  3. 谷歌Pixel 4a XL外形首曝:新机夭折 不会发布

  4. Play商城测试“看他人玩”区域 游戏页面显示相关视频


  1. Kotlin Vocabulary | 揭秘协程中的 suspend 修饰符

  2. 一种简单优雅的TextView行间距适配方案

  3. 了解一下,Android 10中的ART虚拟机(7)


  1. QuickPermissions

    The most easiest way to handle Android Runtime Permissions

  2. RtmpPublisher

    Rtmp client on Android. Live Video Streaming.

  3. cache2k

    an in-memory high performance Java Caching library.

  4. android-customtabs

    Chrome CustomTabs for Android demystified. Simplifies development and provides higher level classes including fallback in case Chrome isn't available on device.

  5. ActivityStarter

    Simple Android Library, that provides easy way to start the Activities with arguments.

  6. MultiImagePicker

    A library to pick multi images in Android

  7. android-maps-extensions

    Simple Android Library, that provides easy way to start the Activities with arguments.

  8. Determinate-Progress-View

    A highly customizable and styleable circular progress view.

  9. StompProtocolAndroid

    STOMP protocol via WebSocket for Android

  10. FancyGifDialog-Android

    A library that takes the standard Android Dialog to the next level with a variety of styling options and Gif's. Style your dialog from code.

  11. AppStartFaster


  12. ChinaMapView


  13. BoostMultiDex

    一个用于Android低版本设备(4.X及以下,SDK < 21)快速加载多DEX的解决方案。

  14. WeatherView

    WeatherView is an Android Library let you make cool weather animations for your app

  15. Live

    A RxJava Transformer handle Android Lifecycle as same as LiveData.

  16. PieRotateView


  17. edittext-mask

    The custom masks for EditText. The solution for input phone numbers, SSN, and so on for Android

  18. AndroidCamera

    自定义Android相机(仿抖音),其中功能包括视频人脸识别贴纸,分段录制,回滚删除,倒计时录制,视频裁剪,视频帧处理,获取视频第一帧,关键帧,视频旋转,滤镜添加,水印添加,Gif合成到视频,文字转视频,图片转视频,音视频合成,音频变声处理,SoundTouch,Fmod音频处理。 Customize the Android camera(imitation Tik Tok), which includes video face recognition stickers, segment recording, rollback deletion, countdown recording, video cropping, video frame processing, get t…

  19. FFmpegCommand


  20. native-scanner

    An analyzer of JNI code that matches native code information with Java code

  21. VoiceRipple

    Voice Record Button that has ripple effect with users voice

  22. ComponentCornerstone

    一种全新的android组件化方案,无需下沉公用代码,无需采用路由等硬编码方式分发sdk,独立维护组件暴露的SDK/IMPL,打破官方模块循环且支持组件间互相调用SDK,支持集成组件调试/组件独立运行。A brand new android componentization solution, no need to sink public code, no need to use hard coding to distribute sdk, independent maintenance component exposed SDK / IMPL, break the official module loop and support the call between compon…

  23. MaterialResideMenu

    A swift style Animated side nav that slides the main app to the side with a 3d perspective menu with parallax effect.

  24. niddler

    a network debugging utility for Android and java apps that caches network requests/responses, and exposes them over a websocket based protocol. It comes with a convenient interceptor for Square's OkHttpClient, as well as a no-op interceptor for use in release scenario's.

  25. TheGlowingLoader

    TheGlowingLoader is the highly configurable library to indicate progress and is natively created for Android Platform. It is an implementation of a design composed by Shashank Sahay.

  26. Mis

    模块接口服务(Module Interface Service),MIS主要解决的问题是如何在一个模块内维护其对外暴露的接口(包括打包发布),而不是把接口和接口实现分离到两个不同的模块。

  27. HappyBubble

    BubbleLayout随意变化的气泡布局,BubbleDialog根据点击View的位置定位它的位置,BubbleDialog可定制方向等!(BubbleLayout changes freely,BubbleDialog click on the location of View positioning its location,BubbleDialog can be customized directions.)

  28. DaggerHiltExploration

    An exploration into the Hilt library introduced in Dagger 2.28. Keep in mind, that at the time of this writing (5/29/2020), Hilt is still in alpha, and no docs have been released other than the sparse Javadocs, so my interpretations may be erroneous.

  29. Drawer-Behavior

    a library that provide an extra behavior on drawer, such as, move view or scaling view's height while drawer on slide.


  1. kotlin-gradle-plugin-template

    A template to let you started with custom Gradle Plugins + Kotlin in a few seconds


  1. KWeather

    Jetpack Compose Kotlin MPP Weather app


  1. PaymentAppUI-Android

    Check out the new style for App Design aims for Payment App...


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