Android 开发技术周报 Issue#277

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#277

April 27, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. Android 11界面再调整:加入快速截屏、多任务向国产ROM看齐

  2. 最新版Android 11推送 谷歌Pixel 5被曝光:支持反向充电

  3. 4月Android系统版本分布:8.0 Oreo最主流

  4. [图]Play商城新规让订阅更透明:试用期结束/续订会通知用户

  5. Google 强制要求 Android 11 支持“无缝更新”


  1. 是时候迁移至 AndroidX 了!

  2. 了解一下,Android 10 中的ART虚拟机(5

  3. 在 Android 开发中使用协程 | 上手指南

  4. Kotlin Vocabulary | 类型别名 typealias

  5. 我感觉我学了一个假的 Android...


  1. viewpagerdots

    This library provides a very small, compact, Kotlin-based implementation for ViewPager dots. The dots can of course be switched out for whatever type of Drawable you wish. The animation can be customized as well.

  2. open-upi

    An Android SDK for server-less UPI payments with minimum configuration

  3. control

    coroutines flow based uni-directional architecture

  4. LiveData-Extensions

    Write beautifully concise and clean code for complex LiveData transformations in Android.

  5. ZoomPreviewPicture


  6. RxLife-Coroutine


  7. apollo-android

    📟 A strongly-typed, caching GraphQL client for Android and the JVM

  8. MVVM Android

    VVM Android is the framework based on Android Architecture components, which gives you set of base classes to implement concise, testable and solid application. It combines built-in support for Dagger 2 dependency injection, View DataBinding, ViewModel and RxJava use cases. Architecture described here is used among wide variety of projects and it's production ready.

  9. ScreenOrientationHelper

    Screen orientation event listener helper for activity in Android

  10. andColorPicker

    🥑 Handy, 🐍 flexible and ⚡️ lightning-fast material android color picker view components

  11. LakuePagingButton

    LakuePagingButton make it easy to page through when loading a lot of data.

  12. sectioned-recycler-view

    A library that allows using sections with sticky headers in RecyclerView.

  13. licenseview

    A custom View for displaying licenses conveniently.

  14. RNetwork

    A light weight and lifecycle awared live connection status library using reactivenetwork and crouton.

  15. venom

    A lightweight tool that simplifies testing of the process death scenario.

  16. TvWidget


  17. zxing-android-embedded

    Barcode scanner library for Android, based on the ZXing decoder

  18. ChartView


  19. punkt

    A live coding music library/environment for Kotlin. For software developers who want to dive into live coding music.

  20. Android-SnapTimePicker

    Another Material Time Picker for developer who do not like default Material Time Picker that difficult to use for most users

  21. DatePickerTimeline

    An android package that provides a Horizontal Date Picker.

  22. Tangram-Android

    a modular UI solution for building native page dynamically including Tangram for Android, Tangram for iOS and even backend CMS. This project provides the sdk on Android.


  1. kotlin-android-template

    Android + Kotlin + Github Actions + ktlint + Detekt + Gradle Kotlin DSL + buildSrc = ❤️,A simple Github template that lets you create an Android/Kotlin project and be up and running in a few seconds.


  1. danger-kotlin-android-lint-plugin

    Show the Android lint errors with Danger

  2. gradle-sourcegen-plugin

    A Plugin that configures directory for generated sources

  3. android-analyzer

    Android Gradle plugin for faster Sonarqube integration in Android projects. Supports Detekt and Jacoco out of the box.


  1. Kotlin-Coroutine-Use-Cases-on-Android

    🎓 Learning Kotlin Coroutines for Android by example. 🚀 Sample implementations for real-world Android use cases. 🛠 Unit tests included!

  2. GameOfLife

    This is a simple simulation for the Game of life by John Conway written in JetPack Compose


  1. material-sudoku

    a clean and simple sudoku game, designed to feel at home on the Android platform.

  2. Chroma

    Chroma is a chromatic tuner, the perfect app to help you tune your musical instruments with precision and elegance.

  3. topcorn

    A minimalistic movie listing app to browse IMDB's top 250 movies, built to demonstrate MVVM with latest hot-trending Android development tools.

  4. BLTaxi

    a simple app for calling a taxi in the city Banja Luka built using modern Android development tools

  5. upcoming-games

    Android app for viewing release dates and other details for every video game ever made.


  1. AidLearning-FrameWork

    AidLearning build Linux environment running on the Android devices with GUI, Deep-Learning and Python Visual Programming support. Now support VSCode,Jupyter, pyToApk! One-click install.一个运行在移动端(Android)上的支持图形化桌面的完整的Linux虚拟机,同时是一个支持深度神经网络开发的框架和平台,内置了最为流行的深度学习框架caffe/mxnet/keras/pytoch/tensorflow/ncnn/opencv...内置了可视化AI开发编辑器,内置了VSCode、Jupyter等流行的编程工具,支持触摸拖拽式界面设计,支持代码动态调试和运行。支持在移动端和PC端用python开发你的AI应用,支持把你的python源码转化为APP(Apk)发布。支持一键式安装,只需要安装一个10M的App即可自动引导完成安装。

  2. AndroidMonitor



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