Android 开发技术周报 Issue#268

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#268

February 17, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. [图]Android Auto状态栏上的当地天气图标宣告回归

  2. Google再次从Play商店中删除了涉嫌从事间谍活动的ToTok

  3. 谷歌意外短暂上线Android 11开发者预览版网页

  4. Google Play Protect在2019年阻止了19亿次恶意软件安装

  5. [图]非Galaxy Z Flip独占:谷歌称上下分屏功能将向其他品牌开放

  6. Gboard输入法迎来Emoji Kitchen 支持混搭表情贴纸

  7. [图]有望Pixel 5首发:Android即将引入超级省电模式


  1. Systrace 基础知识 - SurfaceFlinger 解读


  1. FragNav

    An Android library for managing multiple stacks of fragments

  2. XUpdate


  3. espresso-support

    Includes custom rules for testing Views in isolation and running tests with Google TalkBack enabled.

  4. AwesomeTextInputLayout

    An EditText decorator inspired by the EditText fields in Add New Contact screen of Google's Contact App

  5. AwesomeNavigation

    a collection of navigation components that can be used as bottom navigations as well as top navigation(Tab bar)

  6. AwesomeSwitch

    a replacement for the standard Switch(View) android offers, and it offers much more customization than the standard switch component.

  7. AvtarView

    Easy to use highly customizable View for showing Avtars for names and contacts

  8. Timecon

    Easy-to-use animated clock icon written in Kotlin

  9. android-mvp-mvvm-flytour

    🔥🔥🔥 FlyTour是Android组件化+MVVM+MVP+RxJava+Retrofit+Dagger2组成的双架构框架,工程架构采用gradle配置实现组件化,模块的架构采用典型的MVVM+MVP架构,MVVM和MVP根据自己的项目实际需求去决定使用,该框架是Android组件化、Android MVVM架构、Android MVP架构的集大成者,帮助你快速的搭建自己的App项目开发框架,以便把主要的精力放在自己的项目的业务功能实现上,另外在长期的工作实践中总结整理大量的实用工具类在项目lib_common组件的util包当中方便大家调用。

  10. [AnimatorX](AnimatorX


  11. Localization Library

    Let's make language swithching in your app with easy way

  12. Shimo

    an adapter for Moshi which randomizes the order of keys when serializing and deserializing

  13. PermissionX

    Android permission with coroutine

  14. RxFFmpeg

    🔥RxFFmpeg 是基于 ( FFmpeg 4.0 + X264 + mp3lame + fdk-aac ) 编译的适用于 Android 平台的音视频编辑、视频剪辑的快速处理框架,包含以下功能(视频拼接,转码,压缩,裁剪,片头片尾,分离音视频,变速,添加静态贴纸和gif动态贴纸,添加字幕,添加滤镜,添加背景音乐,加速减速视频,倒放音视频,音频裁剪,变声,混音,图片合成视频,视频解码图片等主流特色功能

  15. codewif

    an Android library framework to allow you to perform in-app testing of Android apps and libraries.

  16. openpush

    The OpenPush project aims to create a free and open source self-hosted replacement for Android Push Notifications usually sent through Google's proprietary Firebase Cloud Messaging platform.


  1. AwesomeProfile

    This is a sample of MotionLayout

  2. KotlinMvp

    🔥 基于Kotlin+MVP+Retrofit+RxJava+Glide 等架构实现短视频类小项目,简约风格及详细注释


  1. FloatingSubtitle

    Make Bilibili translation danmaku floating as subtitles |一款在悬浮窗上以字幕的形式显示哔哩哔哩直播间弹幕的 Android 应用,例如将同传弹幕显示为字幕,方便在全屏观看直播时阅读到同传翻译(哔哩哔哩客户端会根据用户弹幕密度设置隐藏一些弹幕,容易错过同传翻译)。


  1. Mirakle

    A Gradle plugin that allows you to move build process from a local machine to a remote one.Compatible with Gradle 4.0+. Works seamlessly with IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio.

  2. Binary compatibility validator

    The tool allows to dump binary API of a Kotlin libraries that is public in sense of Kotlin visibilities and ensures that the public binary API wasn't changed in a way that make this change binary incompatible.


  1. gh - The GitHub CLI tool

    gh is GitHub on the command line, and it's now available in beta. It brings pull requests, issues, and other GitHub concepts to the terminal next to where you are already working with git and your code.

  2. android-framer

    Add frames and titles to your Google Play screenshots.

  3. liandi

    📒 一款桌面端笔记应用,支持 Windows、Mac 和 Linux。

  4. JSON To Kotlin Class


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