Android开发技术周报 Issue#103

Android开发技术周报 Issue#103

October 31, 2016 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. Google承认Pixel相机存在镜头光晕问题 将通过更新解决

  2. 谷歌与维萨和万事达卡达成合作以拓展Android Pay服务

  3. [图]5年旧机型Galaxy Nexus也吃上Android 7.1 Nougat

  4. 所有Android设备都受影响:Dirty COW漏洞可获root权限

  5. 谷歌Messenger应用更新:更简洁的界面和全新圆形图标


  1. 理解Binder线程池的管理

  2. Android Studio 2.2 Native 开发新特性

  3. 写给Android开发者的混淆使用手册

  4. 从0到1打造直播 App

  5. Android系统线控和歌曲信息屏显的那点事

  6. Android卡慢监控组件简介


  1. ChipsLayoutManager

    A custom layout manager for RecyclerView which mimicric TextView span behaviour, flow layouts behaviour with support of amazing recyclerView features

  2. Vertical-Intro

    Vertical intro allows you to integrate material vertical intro to your app

  3. android-TNRAnimationHelper

    This is a library that contains practical animations: Rotation, Flip, Horizontal and Vertical Shake,

  4. AndroidShortcuts

    Example app for shortcuts in design library v25

  5. FastScroll

    A ListView-like FastScroller for Android’s RecyclerView

  6. Elephant

    一款基于 RxJava+Retrofit+MVP+Material Design 开发的 PHPHub 第三方 Android 客户端


  1. material-remixer

    A set of cross-platform libraries and protocols to allow the sharing of design values and live refinement of apps during the development process.


  1. Origami Studio

    Explore, iterate, and test your ideas. A new tool for designing modern interfaces, built and used by designers at Facebook

  2. MakeIconsWithSketch

    一个开源的用 Sketch 绘制图标的教程


  1. 张小龙最新内部演讲:警惕KPI和流程,支持内部轮岗


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