Android开发技术周报 Issue#100

Android开发技术周报 Issue#100

October 10, 2016 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 华为发布国内首份Android 7.0应用兼容报告

  2. 连线:谷歌Pixel手机颠覆Android生态系统

  3. Google为Nexus设备发布2016.10安全更新

  4. Action Launcher 3更新:抢先体验Android 7.1的Launcher Shortcuts功能

  5. Android Wear 2.0迎来第三个开发者预览版: 专属应用商店将上线


  1. Activity到底是什么时候显示到屏幕上的呢

  2. 模拟自然动画的精髓——TimeInterpolator与TypeEvaluator

  3. 安卓自定义View进阶-事件分发机制原理

  4. Android7.0适配教程,心得

  5. Android Support Library的前世今生

  6. Java Hotspot G1 GC的一些关键技术


  1. Markdown


  2. Diagonalify

    Diagonal cut view

  3. AnimatorDurationTile

    A quick settings tile to quickly set the animator duration scale.

  4. TintLayout

    This library help you to achieve popular drop shadow effect from view

  5. JPost

    Java and Android class communication library: New and improved Pub-Sub

  6. VideoLoadingView


  7. Qiscus SDK

    Qiscus SDK is a lightweight and powerful android chat library. Qiscus SDK will allow you to easily integrating Qiscus engine with your apps to make cool chatting application.

  8. Pury

    Android library for measuring time between multiple independent events.

  9. PlaceHolderView

    A wrapper for android recyclerview

  10. AutoLinkTextView

    AutoLinkTextView is TextView that supports Hashtags (#), Mentions (@) , URLs (http://), Phone and Email automatically detecting and ability to handle clicks.

  11. android-calendar-view


  12. kotlintest

    Kotlin test framework based on the excellent Scalatest

  13. wechat-weapp-gank


  14. RealtimeBlurView

    A realtime blurring overlay for Android (like iOS UIVisualEffectView)

  15. SnappyImageViewer

    Android Image Viewer inspired by StackOverflow's with swipe-to-dimiss and moving animations.

  16. jus

    Flexible and Easy HTTP/REST Communication library for Java and Android

  17. ColorPreference

    A custom preference item for easy implementation of a color picker in the preference screen.

  18. CouponView



  1. AndrLintWatchDog

    Android自定义 Lint 检查插件

  2. Matchmaker

    这是一款专为微信小程序开发的插件,目前可在 IntelliJ IDEA 中使用。它可以帮你完成重复机械无趣麻烦的绑定方法的过程,自动的将需要新建的方法注入到 js 文件中去。

  3. Gradle Bintray Plugin

    he Gradle Bintray Plugin allows you to publish artifacts to Bintray.

  4. Cool Retro Term



  1. 关于工程师成长的一点思考

  2. README 的艺术 (By 湾区日报)


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