Android Studio 4.1 Canary 9 available

Android Studio 4.1 Canary 9 available

Improvements from IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1

Android Studio IDE 的核心是基于 IntelliJ IDEA。在这个版本中,我们已经开始整合 IntelliJ 2020.1 的改进,我们将在即将到来的 canary 版本中发布。

General Fixes

Build Variants

  • Issue #153476414: Exception thrown when trying to run/configure a release build

Data Binding

Database Inspector


Dexer (D8)

  • Issue #154315491: AGP 4.x build fails with exception in L8DexDesugarLibTask configuration


  • Issue #37133950: new Lint check: calling the same super function more than once

SDK Manager

  • Issue #150942306: Command-line sdkmanager needs better error if root dir can't be found
  • Issue #150943631: sdk manager should be smarter about deriving package path
  • Issue #150944411: Package A shouldn't overwrite package B if B is incorrectly in A's location
  • Issue #150946939: cmdline-tools top-level directory shouldn't be called "tools"
  • Issue #62063562: Add --installed option to sdkmanager --list
  • Issue #137389944: CLI does not respect TERM=dumb
  • Issue #69461360: Usability issue: subcommand and/or quotes around package name for clarity
  • Issue #37130052: sdkmanager --package_file= command isn't whitespace tolerant
  • Issue #152120283: sdkmanager from cmdlinetools fails with unhelpful exception when --sdk_root supplied
  • Issue #37130079: sdkmanager --update doesn't output anything to stdout

Tools Windows

  • Issue #154298380: Android command-line tools seems to be 6200805 broken on Windows

View Binding


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