Emulator 30.0.17 Canary

Emulator 30.0.17 Canary


  • Graphics

    • More debug info has been added to WGL initialization on Windows in order to trace failures.
    • Fixed an issue on Vulkan initialization on some GPU drivers, where certain 1.1 device functions were not found.
  • Media

    • CUDA VPx decode is now properly supported, if CUDA VPx decode is available in hardware.
  • Added better support for detecting remote sessions on Windows.

  • Radio

    • Added a drop down item in Extended Controls > Cellular to toggle simulation of metered connections, such as for 5G use cases. This requires the latest R system image and is a no-op on previous API levels.

      • Added console command to control

        • gsm meter on
        • gsm meter off
  • Fixed GPX/KML route playback to follow timestamps.

  • Fixed bouncing icon on launch for macOS.

  • Fixed a snapshot corruption issue when sending snapshot commands through gRPC, as well as when pressing the snapshot save button in Android Studio embedded emulator.

Foldables: 可配置的铰链和 3D 预览

在 Extended Controls > Virtual Sensors 内增加了可折叠设备配置铰链的能力。未来的系统图像将对铰链的配置很敏感,并适应于特定的一套铰链。最多可指定3个铰链。

比如: 创建一个 Pixel 2 XL AVD 并且添加如下配置到 ~/.android/avd/avdName.avd/config.ini:

hw.sensor.hinge.count = 2

hw.sensor.hinge.ranges = 0-360,0-360  
hw.sensor.hinge.defaults = 180,180  
hw.sensor.hinge.areas = 0-987-1440-0, 0-1974-1440-0  
hw.sensor.posture\_list=1, 2, 3, 4  
hw.sensor.hinge\_angles\_posture\_definitions=0-30 \& 0-30, 30-150 \& 30-150, 150-210 \& 150-210, 210-360 \& 210-360


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