Android Studio 4.2 Canary 5 发布喽!

Android Studio 4.2 Canary 5 发布喽!


本次更新修复的 Bug 如下:

Android Gradle Plugin

  • Issue #160155450: BuildConfig not correctly honoring contract around quotations in String[]
  • Issue #158747359: ./gradlew connectedCheck fails with " Unknown failure: Error: Unknown option: -g"
  • Issue #160330055: GradleAnalyticsEnvironment leaks ProviderFactory
  • Issue #157781501: Android gradle plugin fails to generate test coverage report with Gradle 6.4.1
  • Issue #159871229: Debug build causes duplicate definitions for desugared library classes
  • Issue #146163513: Configuration caching - connectedAndroidTest task state cannot be serialized
  • Issue #112699321: Support APK Signature Scheme v3
  • Issue #159685888: Merge java resource error message is not very useful
  • Issue #159434426: applicationIdSuffix cannot be empty

C++ Build

  • Issue #159411906: externalNativeBuildClean runs preBuild also when using AGP 4.0.0

Database Inspector


  • Issue #156772381: Bug: IDE tells me to update a file that doesn't exist, and in illogical place, of gradle version

Jetpack (androidx)


New Code/Templates

  • Issue #159364425: Can't create activity or fragment after updating Android Studio to 4.0
  • Issue #159832672: Bug: creating a new project with the wizard, it doesn't use the label for the toolbar title

Running Tests

View Binding

  • Issue #159948398: View Binding classes are not resolved in Studio 4.0+ when two modules share the same layout name+app ID


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