Android Studio 4.1 Canary 10 available

Android Studio 4.1 Canary 10 available

Material Design Components: Updated themes and styles in new project templates

在 Android Studio 的 Create New Project 对话框中的项目模板现在开始使用Material Design Components (MDC) ,默认情况下遵循最新的主题和样式指南,更新包括:

  • MDC: 在项目的 build.gradle 文件内添加了 依赖。应用的 Base themes 使用 Theme.MaterialComponents.* 作为父主题,并且会覆盖更新后的 MDC color 和一些设置为 “on” 的属性.
  • Color resources:colors.xml 文件中的颜色资源使用字面意思来命名(比如:用 purple_500 替换 colorPrimary).
  • Theme resources: 主题资源被放在了 themes.xml 文件 (替换原来的 styles.xml文件),并且使用 Theme.<ApplicationName> 来命名.
  • Dark theme: 应用的基础主题使用 DayNight 作为父主题,并被分为 res/valuesres/values-night.
  • Theme attributes: 颜色资源在布局和样式中被引用为主题属性(比如 :?attr/colorPrimary) ,以避免硬编码颜色

Prevent new and existing databases from closing

如果您的应用程序经常与数据库连接或断开连接,那么检查这些数据库就会很困难。 这是因为检查、查询和修改数据库需要您的应用程序保持与数据库的实时连接。 “数据库检查器”窗口使用图标帮助您识别打开()和关闭()数据库。


本次更新修的 Bug

Android Gradle Plugin

  • Issue #154388196: Gradle configuration fails on project with several modules when AGP is applied using plugin management
  • Issue #155318103: Post-tasks variant API: Adding manifest placeholders is broken and breaks the build from AGP 3.x to AGP 4.1.0-alpha08
  • Issue #145944388: Compile error because limit (error: too many constants)

C++ Debugger

  • Issue #120865679: App crash (segfault) when debugging JNI functions with local jstring reference

Code Analysis

  • Issue #155772516: Resource bundle redefinition for plugin ''. Old value: messages.AndroidBundle

Database Inspector

  • Issue #156131130: The empty database warning does not have the right colors in Dark mode
  • Issue #156134721: Inspector annotator is accessing databases from wrong thread



Espresso Recorder


  • Issue #152889824: Support Variant switching without running Gradle (like switching build variants)
  • Issue #150397855: file generated in buildSrc folder

Layout Editor

  • Issue #139716861: Studio freezes when clicking a Button view in the design surface

New Code/Templates

Project Structure

  • Issue #149773516: Migrating Android Studio 3.5 Project to 3.6 rc03 causes Unsupported modules detected error

Project View

  • Issue #150933937: Renaming a dynamic feature module in Android Studio doesn't update the base build.gradle


  • Issue #142004503: "Remove Unused Resources" for view binding missed method reference syntax (e.g. `LayoutBinding::inflate`)


What's New Assistant


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